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Binary options in South Africa — how to get rich fast?

Economic development in South Africa in the recent years allowed many citizens to significantly improve their lives, however, a large part of the population still hardly manage to make ends meet. Today we will discuss a genuine, viable way to start getting high income fast — it requires minimum effort, involves most interesting methodology and allows you to become a financially successful citizen with minimal initial investment. We will talk about binary options and binary options trading in the financial market using online broker platforms.

What is binary options trading?

Binary options trading is one of the forms of exchange rate trading, which involves a special form of contract — a binary option. This type of financial instrument has a profit-making algorithm, perfectly comprehensible to traders with any level of experience: it’s simply a bet on the movement of the asset’s price (growth or fall of stocks, currencies, raw materials, metals etc.) within a limited period of time, which can bring up to 90% of return per contract. To be able to make profit in binary options, investor must determine only a couple of parameters:
⦁ direction of the market movement for a particular asset
⦁ time period during which the contract (the option, or the bet) will agree with market trend

If the forecast is correct, the investor makes a profit, if it’s not, he loses the amount he placed on the bet.

The main advantages of binary options as a form of private investment are:

⦁ Simple mode of profit-making
⦁ High degree of predictability of results
⦁ Effective forms of market analysis
⦁ Maximum possible profitability of contracts and dynamic growth of trading results
⦁ Minimum initial investments: 10 USD is enough to start a successful trading career
⦁ Conducting of trading processes online on specialized trading platforms developed by brokerage companies

This list of factors and investment opportunities brought by binary options prove this investment tool a highly effective way to earn money for any private online trader. So the answer to the question “How to make money fast in South Africa” is really quite simple — use binary options!

What are binary brokers?

Investor conducts all the processes of binary trading on a specialized platform of a brokerage company that has access to the world financial market. The necessity of having an intermediary in binary trading is conditioned by legal restrictions of the financial market — only licensed legal entities can directly conduct operations on the exchange market. For this reason, you will not be able to register a binary option contract without a binary broker. The operation of binary option brokers is built on mutually beneficial cooperation and openness of processes. Following your request, the company registers a trading position using your funds in its own name on the market. If the result is positive, it transfers the profit to your account, while earning a commission from the turnover. The broker’s main tasks and obligations include the provision of specialized trading platforms for binary trading (which you won’t need to downloaded since all the processes are conducted online on the broker’s website), information and analytical support, securing the investments and transferring the profits from trading operations to the investor’s account.
Without a doubt, choosing a brokerage platform for effective trading options might be problematic, and we will now share some recommendations.

How to choose the best binary option broker?

Here is a list of professional recommendations and technical parameters that an investor should pay primary attention to if he wants to choose an effective, professional and safe broker:

⦁ Security level of the trading platform and legal validity of the binary broker’s work. The market operator with whom an investor plans to co-operate must have a license issued by a financial market regulator and carry out activities in accordance with the law. This will guarantee full protection of your investments and allow to resolve possible disputes in your favor
⦁ Technical potential of the binary broker’s trading platform. To conduct trading operations, you will need a specialized tool for analyzing the market and a set of technical parameters for trading, which will contribute to the effectiveness of trading. For this reason, you should look for a broker whose platform features a variety of forecasting tools: indicators, statistical market evaluation services, graphic tools for building strategies, as well as high-yield options, stable trading mode and a comprehensive set of technological settings

⦁ Starting conditions for trading binary options. Investors should take the optimality of the trading conditions into account — the amount of minimum trading investment (the lower the initial capital, the better) and the ratio of the initial value of options with the initial investment  (this parameter would help to expand the ability of traders in managing trade risks).

⦁ The choice and the quality of broker’s auxiliary services — it’s almost impossible to effectively trade in binary market without information support in the form of analytics. In addition, a novice investor will need to undergo theoretical and practical training in binary trading. Much attention should be paid to the information resources of the binary broker — in the end, they have a huge impact on the investor’s professionalism and his trading results.
⦁ The overall reputation of the market operator in the industry. To evaluate this parameter, consider the feedback of traders and industry specialists in professional publications.

If you take into account all the above factors when looking for a brokerage company for trading options, you will choose the best market operator for your investment activities and avoid any possibility of getting involved with scammers.

How to compare binary option brokers?

Given the diversity of binary options brokers in the world market, it is worth mentioning about the comparison parameters that will allow a private investor to choose the most optimal variant of a trading platform. To quickly make money in South Africa with the help of binary options, traders should consider the following factors when comparing technical, trading and service performance of a broker:
⦁ Convenience of trading and the available technical analysis tools
⦁ Trading conditions of the binary market broker — initial capital, price of contracts, profitability of binary options
⦁ The number of underlying assets for trading
⦁ Stability of operation of the trading platform — no jamming during trading, high speed processing of orders, accuracy of market quotes
⦁ The broker’s client base and the volume of the company’s trading turnover — this parameter shows financial stability of the trading platform and its popularity in the professional environment
⦁ The form and the speed of monetization of trading profit

Once you choose a brokerage platform for trading on the options market using these parameters, you can start earning on binary options in South Africa under the most profitable and comfortable conditions.

Where doI find the best binary option broker?

Of course, the main source for searching for a binary broker is Internet, since the entire list of services for binary trading is provided through the use of technological resources of the World Wide Web. We recommend using specialized professional sites where ratings of trading platforms and fine information support for potential traders are offered. Through these web portals, investors can get acquainted with a wide range of brokerage sites, assess the conditions of a particular company, its technology and effectiveness of services. In addition, traders communicate through such websites and leave feedback, which allows to assess the real capabilities of the binary broker and its practical effectiveness.
Basic strategies and types of binary options

We have reviewed the main list of technical parameters of binary trading and the preparatory measures, and now we will begin to study the practical techniques of efficient and profitable trade in binary options. Before you start making bets and getting profit, you need to understand the main types or formats of binary contracts.
We won’t consider the various derivatives of binary options that involve complex trading modes. The classical trading on the binary market uses two types of trading contracts — turbo and classical binary options. If we delve into the terminology, these two are essentially the same in terms of the profit-making mode, the only difference is expiration — the moment in time when the option become invalid. Thus, turbo options have the narrowest and shortest range of expiration from 60 to 300 seconds, while classical binary options have a larger range of expiration — from 5 minutes to 24 hours. The other parameters such as forecasting, mode of registration and the principle of profit-making remain the same. Profitability of a binary option can vary by several tens of percent for some trading assets depending on the type of the option contract.
And now we proceed to perhaps the most interesting moment of binary trading — how to predict the changes in the market in order to earn a stable income. Binary options in South Africa, as well as in the rest of the world, generate revenue only if the investor has a correct forecast of at least 60%. To obtain such results, trading strategies based on a variety of technical, instrumental or logical approaches to assessing market parameters are applied. There are two main forms of market analysis — technical and fundamental:

⦁ Technical analysis evaluates the current market behaviour and uses the recurring patterns of different formats or specialized tools to generate forecast for registering a binary option contract on the market

⦁ Fundamental analysis is the evaluation of news and statistics of the world economy or a single market segment that affect quotes of the underlying asset.
We will consider a few simple but highly effective forecasting techniques for quick earning on binary options. The first example of a trading strategy is a graphical approach to the assessment of market movements. First you draw two visual or graphic lines that connect local highs and lows of the quotes on the chart of the asset you’ve chosen for trading. As a result, we get a price corridor with recurring and regular movements with a high degree of forecasting:

With this trading strategy investors use the moment the price touches one of the borders of the market fluctuation channel as a signal for registering binary option. This way investor can register up to 10 contracts within an hour of which at least 8 will be profitable. As a result, simple statistics and overall trading performance allow the investor to quickly increase his capital.
The next example of a trading strategy will be a highly effective approach based on the use of specialized analysis tools, indicators. Indicator is a specialized automatic algorithm for estimating current market indicators on the basis of which it is possible to make forecasts with a high degree of probability. We recommend the classic strategy based on a combination of  MACD, RSI and Alligator indicators:

Use the following indicator movements as trading signals:
⦁ Crossing the Alligator lines in a certain direction
⦁ Crossing the MACD oscillator lines
⦁ Reversal of the ROV moving from one of the levels of the scale

Indicators that signify the moment to register a binary option must have the same direction of construction as shown in the example.
Using this utterly simple method, traders can make up to 90% profitable trade contacts on the market and quickly get the highest possible profit.
It is almost impossible to describe the entire spectrum and list of options trading strategies — they are of many forms, have various derivatives and use a variety of approaches to market valuation and forecasting. However, it can be clearly stated that indicator strategies and systems based on graphical patterns of charting have the highest performance.

Mobile apps for binary trading: iPhone, iPad and Android

The technological elasticity of trading tools for binary trading is another appealing part of earning money on the binary market. Today the investor can conduct trading on any type of computer equipment, including mobile gadgets. There are free specialized platforms for trading from a smartphone, tablet or other device with the Android and iOS operating systems. Thus, both the geography and the time frame for making a profit significantly expands — with the help of your smartphone you can earn money anywhere, anytime:

The current mobile trading modes developed by brokerage companies provide forecasting tools, wide selection of assets, technological settings of trading charts aimed at increasing the profitability of options trading.

We’ve described a method of generating income in South Africa which requires a minimum of investment, is conducted in a form of an interesting game and brings a consistently high profit. In conclusion, we will give a practical professional recommendation for choosing a binary option broker, which will help you make the most successful and comfortable start in the binary market. We want to introduce the most professional and safe company for working in the binary market — the Binomo broker.

Binomo broker — the history of the company and the list of main services

The binary market operator Binomo first entered the market in 2014 and quickly established a leading position. This became possible due to offshore jurisdiction (the company is registered in the Republic of Cyprus), the customer oriented policy and a wide choice of high-quality high-tech services for binary trading at the broker’s terminal. Today the company’s client base includes several million traders, the broker is present in the European binary market, in the Asian region and also in the South African segment of the market.

Binomo trading platform functions
The terminal developed by the broker made a revolution in the binary market in 2015. This product was developed by the company independently and on the most professional level possible — they developers took into account both the necessary technical aspects that contribute to effective trading and the professional recommendations by investors to improve the profitability of option trading. Today, the high-tech terminal offers the following services:
⦁ Elaborate chart of basic assets with timeframe settings, adjustable scale and highlighting of the working area of the chart, history of market fluctuations
⦁ Set of professional indicators
⦁ Graphical tools for the analysis of market quotations
⦁ Statistical tool for assessing the sentiment of binary traders
⦁ 80 underlying assets representing all areas of the financial market
⦁ Contracts in the form of turbo and classical binary options
⦁ Non-stop trading mode
⦁ Contract registration in 1.7 ms
⦁ Direct access to auxiliary services
⦁ Qualitative and clear technical interface

In addition, broker offers a wide range of auxiliary information services to investors:

⦁ Training in binary options trade — interactive instructions and manuals, video lessons, knowledge base, webinars with professional traders.

⦁ Analytics — reviews of markets for major trading assets, news analysis and effective forecasts from professionals
⦁ Collection of trading strategies — the most effective approaches to market forecasting

Minimum deposit and minimum option price on the Binomo broker platform

According to the company’s trading conditions, the initial investment in binary market trade is only 10 USD, and the initial cost of a binary contract of any type is 1 USD. This allows you to start on the binary market with a minimum level of investment and conduct trading operations in compliance with the basic rules of risk management. These trading conditions are perfect by technical and trading parameters and contribute to profitable trade in the market.

Types of accounts available on the Binomo broker platform

Depending on the level of the trader’s initial investments, the broker offers the following list of account types for working in the binary market, which allow using both the main services of the company and exclusive offers:

⦁ Demo account — free registration, access to information services of the broker and the terminal (trading with virtual funds). Demo account is used as a simulator for obtaining initial skills in trading and as a tool for testing and developing trading strategies.

⦁ Standard — an account with an initial capital of $10. This type of operating account gives access to all information and technical services. Working on the Standard account, an investor can use: contracts with a yield of up to 85%, basic set of underlying assets, technical analysis tools, mode of profit withdrawal within 3 working days

⦁ GOLD — a trading account with a deposit of 500 USD. This trading mode provides the investor with contracts with a yield of up to 86%, a wider choice of underlying assets, cashback for unprofitable contacts (up to 5% per week), mode of profit withdrawal within 24 hours, personal manager.

⦁ VIP — a trading account with the highest status (starts from 1000 USD). This account mode provides the widest opportunities for working with the broker: fixed yield of 87% from any assets, the fullest list of underlying assets, cashback up to 10% per week, the fastest monetization of profits (4 hours),a personal analyst and exclusive offers from the broker

What banking options does Binomo offer?

The Binomo broker offers the widest choice of various banking products and payment services. Thus, investors can deposit and withdraw funds through the following selection of tools: Yandex Money, Neteller, Cashier 24, QIWI, VISA, WebMoney, Union Pay, MasterCard, Alpha-click, Sberbank-online. This allows traders to choose the most convenient, cheap and optimal way of conducting financial operations.

How good is the broker’s Customer support?

Customer support and problem solving service works in 24/7 mode on the broker’s platform. You can contact the broker using your phone, email, chat, Skype. At the same time, the company has a strong customer oriented policy, therefore, any problems related to investor’s activities are always resolved in favor of the broker’s clients. We should mention the speed of processing requests and applications (not more than an hour) and the opportunity to communicate in a language convenient for the trader, including English. Thus, the company’s Support is a highly efficient and high-quality support service for working in the binary market.

Is Binomo the best binary broker?

Undoubtedly, the combination of trade information and technical services of the company, as well as the security of the broker, allow including this trade service to the list of the best quality brokers of the binary market, which make it possible to earn consistently. Given the selection of Binomo services, trading binary options can be one of the major and highly profitable activities for private investors in South Africa.

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